The Befores
Apr 29, 2016   04:10 PM
by Administrator

Of all things materialistic, our home is the only one I really deeply care about. I drive a junker car. I am not into clothes or travel or shoes or really anything else one owns. I do love candles and masages.....hmmmm......I have become, in my old age, a homebody. I am a creature of habit, an introvert, a recluse.. deserving of the L shape on my forehead. I get a bit panicky in large crowds and consider myself socially AWWWWWKWARD as my daughter would say. I once traveled to Rome alone for 7 days and the thought of that now is about as desirable as a shot of tequila. #woof. No thank you. So my home is  very very important to me. I am here, within its walls, as much as I am any where else. I love to cook for people. I love to soak in a hot tub. I love to sit in my yard and stare at the flowers planted by someone 60 years ago. I love a blazing hot fire and rocking my babies. I love finding new ways to make our bed comfy for my hubby. I love this house. 

Our bungalow, a Lubbock home, was moved here/built in the 1950s and is a brick ranch style home with 3 bedrooms, 1.75 baths. I bought this home in 2010 from my mom and step-father who did some major renovations of their own but moved down the street to gut yet another old beauty. The biggest issue has always been the wall between the front living space and the den. In all of my time at the house (over 15 years combined), the space (about 200 square feet) was only used during Christmas. In my opinion it was a total waste of space as everyone congregates in the den where the fireplace is located near the kitchen. The house has amazing bones, an outdoor cooking space (complete with fireplace, pizza oven and bar), landscaped yard and lots of natural light. Most importantly, it has been a place of protection and retreat, a place of new beginnings and a place we hope to call home for many years to come. 


"Parlor" or sitting room (wood floors) separate from den (carpet) with large rock fireplace

Medium kitchen (laminate)

Oversized laundry room (laminate)

Large bathroom with tub/shower combo (laminate/original salmon tile)

Tiny 3/4 bath with shower, sink, potty (tile)

8 ft. ceilings

Mostly original wiring, plumbing, heating/ac venting, insulation, cabinets, tile, flooring, etc.

 As I look back through these pics I almost miss the ugly ole dirty thang. As you can imagine, once we opened it up, there was SO much under the surface we did not expect. Those pics to come soon....

Welcome to the Blogggggggg!
Apr 22, 2016   07:48 AM
by Administrator

The blog. I am sort of bored with the blog. A wee bit over it. Who reads this stuff anyway? Who cares, I wonder, about my boring little life? I mean isn’t it a little arrogant to think everyone is interested in what I am up to? I used to blog often, daily in fact, and write all of my whimsical thoughts for the whole world to see with the honest opinion that my words were vastly important… someone. And then I grew up. Got a life and realized no one really cares. So when building the web site I was very close to deleting the blog feature and then I thought I will have guest bloggers. Some people do have very interesting lives and some people really have a gift for sharing their stories. And then I started blogging about products in the shop and in usual form, my little fingers couldn’t stay off the keyboard. So here I am blogging, arrogantly, all over again.

The truth is it is my dang web site and if I want to get personal (because what is life if it isn’t personal?), then I will. I have a story to tell and if I knock out a few holes in the wall and REALLY tell it, I might MIGHT cause someone to identify, to understand, to empathize, to say MAN.I.GET.IT.

This little blog here at YBB is going to be a combination of things. Products we sell, people we meet, things we love, things we dislove, guest bloggers, befores and afters, design ideas, cute pics of my cute kids, sweet pics of my sweet hubs and most importantly: LIFE. Even better? I have no way to check it 86 times and see if someone ‘likes or loves or eye rolls or burns in their belly’ because of this blog. I’m writing what I want which will inevitably be the truth. If you can do anything poetic and right in this life, it is tell the truth. Your truth all raw and messy and jacked up might just set someone else free. So I hope the 5 of you that keep reading realize that we are all just humans, living in the trenches together, trying to figure it out every day and do the best we can. Winning, failing, trying, crying, spitting, clenching and DOING THE BEST WE CAN. I have lived a thousand lives of mistakes. I have messed up more than anyone on this planet (ok, not more than that what’s his name Manson guy) and today I am just trying to not make those same mistakes again. I am trying to live it right and be a normal nice ole gal. So if you are like me and love it, LOVE this life but sometimes want to punch this life in the face, read away and along the ride you might just find a way to rehab an old antique mirror.

Vendor Application
Apr 21, 2016   04:29 PM
by Administrator

Carlita's Way
Apr 11, 2016   07:30 AM
by Administrator
IMG 0124

I couldn’t decide if I should write this blog about our friend Scott Carlson or his puppy Carlita (she runs the show for sure). She also sparked the love of small dogs in our son and we will probably have to get another puppy because of her preciousness.

Scott is New Mexican or Arroyo Texan or I am not sure what….He is a combination of all things nice, warm, funny and welcoming that are Texas and all things artistic, spiritual, and soulful that are New Mexico. A native of Pampa with a studio in Taos, he has become a bit of both over the past 15 years. We first met him at our Annual Barkley Street Art Walk whilst he was throwing pottery in my mom’s driveway. He was basically giving it away and so kind to all of our patrons and like most artists we recruit, he just stuck. He comes every year and our event would not be the same without him. Recently, hubby and I made the trek to his neck of the woods to pick up a rather large shipment of plates, bowls, mugs, juicers, vases, planters, etc. and we were also wowed by his professionalism. His pottery is one of a kind, a great piece of art to own, but also incredibly functional. As I type this I drink out of my mug that I will drop in the dishwasher without worry of fading, cracking or chipping. We use his lavender soup bowls all winter long and squeeze limes with his juicer throughout the summer. We adore each and every piece and use some of it daily. We are proud to call Scott our friend and truly appreciate his contribution to our event every year as well as our little shop on the corner. All of his items can be shipped for next to nothing and we promise you will love them with all your heart.


Walking on Sunshine
Apr 09, 2016   08:23 AM
by Administrator
FullSizeRender (5)

You guys! Best durn learning to walk shoes ever. 

I wanted to make sure these deer skin moccasins were functional before I posted this and they have exceeded my expectations. Honey came when the boy first started taking some steps and he was always barefoot. UNACCEPTABLE. She drove straight home and stiched up a little pair of mocs for him. I heart Indian Gradmothers. 


Comfort-Most important of all, they are comfortable. He was having a hard time walking in everything we bought because the shoes were just too clunky. He was falling often and it seemed other shoes were too heavy. Also, he has very fat (picture a loaf of bread) feet. I bought him some cute little boat shoes for Easter and we had to stuff his fat feet in there like sausage in its casing. The mocs give his foot room to move around and also tie at the top so he cant take them off. Every other pair we have owned he could take off and we were constantly looking for a shoe. 

Durability-Even though they might look a bit delicate, they are not. Deer skin is very durable and we have had no issues with holes or tearing. He wears them everywhere and we have had no trouble with anything piercing the deer skin or rocks hurting his loaf. 

Flexibility-Obviously, deer skin is a soft material and bends and flexes in the shape of his foot. He seems to be able to walk (now run) with ease and does not fall down nearly as often. These shoes really give his foot the chance to ẃalk freely. 

Maintenance-The moccasins can be wiped off or even washed if needed. 


Price-There are some cheap shoes out there. You can spend $10 on shoes if you want and the moccassins run $45 per pair without bead work (I recommend for learners). Although they arent cheap they will last much longer and you will get more for your money. I am not one to spend a ton on clothing and shoes at this age since they grow so fast but the moccasins give you that room to grow without the shoe being oversized. 

As a momma of a rough and tumble boy, I highly recommend these moccasins and I am so grateful my grandmother made sure my babe has a pair!! If you are interested in some moccasins for your toddler, come see me at YBB.