Carlita's Way

IMG 0124

I couldn’t decide if I should write this blog about our friend Scott Carlson or his puppy Carlita (she runs the show for sure). She also sparked the love of small dogs in our son and we will probably have to get another puppy because of her preciousness.

Scott is New Mexican or Arroyo Texan or I am not sure what….He is a combination of all things nice, warm, funny and welcoming that are Texas and all things artistic, spiritual, and soulful that are New Mexico. A native of Pampa with a studio in Taos, he has become a bit of both over the past 15 years. We first met him at our Annual Barkley Street Art Walk whilst he was throwing pottery in my mom’s driveway. He was basically giving it away and so kind to all of our patrons and like most artists we recruit, he just stuck. He comes every year and our event would not be the same without him. Recently, hubby and I made the trek to his neck of the woods to pick up a rather large shipment of plates, bowls, mugs, juicers, vases, planters, etc. and we were also wowed by his professionalism. His pottery is one of a kind, a great piece of art to own, but also incredibly functional. As I type this I drink out of my mug that I will drop in the dishwasher without worry of fading, cracking or chipping. We use his lavender soup bowls all winter long and squeeze limes with his juicer throughout the summer. We adore each and every piece and use some of it daily. We are proud to call Scott our friend and truly appreciate his contribution to our event every year as well as our little shop on the corner. All of his items can be shipped for next to nothing and we promise you will love them with all your heart.