'Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have confessed so well before many witnesses.' 1 Timothy 6:12


This past Saturday I visited our local flea market and found a bargain. I have been looking for a jogging stroller for months now but refused to pay more than $50 bucks because let’s face it: I don’t jog. The stroller at the flea market was squeaky clean and when I asked if she would take $25 for it, she said yes. I was joyful. Exuberant. Ecstatic. I am a bargain shopper and could NOT wait to show my hubby my find.


Fast forward to yesterday on a very humid mid-morning walk with my oversized 17 mos. old, overexcited 2 year old retriever and my daughter on her overly tall bike. It was hotter than a well digger but I cared not because I was pushing my new $350+ stroller that I STOLE from the flea market. La tee da. And then the front wheel fell off mid-trek and I sort of panicked. I had a looooong way to go and was clearly one less wheel. So to make a long story short we made it home after much sweating and danging it and switching who pushed the stroller (think chariot style, think Arabian Desert hot, think miles to go).


I always post cute pics of my kids or my precious hubs or our house. I rarely post real life pics which are paper towels strung out all over the floor, guacamole smeared all over my brand new super cute dish towel, stepping in dog poo when I mow the lawn, temper tantrums, disagreements, unpaid bills, sharp tongues, long days, etc., etc. Isn’t this life? Broken wheels and dog poo? It is so easy to get caught up in all of life’s tough little challenges. It is so easy to lose your temper, complain, moan, grumble, stoop low, speak ill, and lash out. It is so easy to forget how important our roles as wives, parents, sisters, friends are and how much we matter in the grand scheme of things. We are not called to leave an easy life. We are called to live a purposeful life….an eternal life to which GOD HAS CALLED YOU.


God tells us to fight the good fight for the true faith. Maybe that fight does not have to be a battle of massive proportions. Maybe you are not required to stand behind a podium and address Congress or join the Peace Corps or serve on a board. Maybe you do not even have to speak outside of your family unit. Maybe fighting your very own good fight right here in your very own small town in your very own home is enough. You can make a difference. In your community, in your neighborhood, in your house. YOU can make all the difference. Enough. Enough. Enough.


The ebb and flow of this thing called life is challenging at best. Hard moments, obstacles, disappointments and lessons learned but how you accept those challenges makes all the difference. It is a choice: how busy you are, how cram packed your schedule is, how stressed your life has become, how you start each day. We feel such an obligation to strap more burden on our shoulders. More meetings, more events, more clubs, more groups, more Facebook posts, more possessions, MORE, MORE, MORE. One of my biggest focuses right now is to hone in, simplify, say no, let go, be still, be quiet, and be present. Be here now. What I give back to my family is more important than any single thing I do.

Everyone’s good fight is different. Everyone has a different purpose to serve. Whatever that may be, whether you are a brave soldier armed and ready for the battle of impact and change or a quiet mom at home battling toddlers, FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. Start each day with a kind heart and choose to fight for what is good and true and most importantly for faith in God’s plan. Let God work within you. Pick your stroller wheel up off the ground and get that baby home for a cold drink. Mother Teresa said, “Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.”

As you go out today and strap on your shining armor, remember how important you are, remember how much those mama/wife/partner/friend hugs matter and that God sees you putting love into every.single.action and recognizes that your stroller, your stroller sister, is a chariot.