The Befores

Of all things materialistic, our home is the only one I really deeply care about. I drive a junker car. I am not into clothes or travel or shoes or really anything else one owns. I do love candles and masages.....hmmmm......I have become, in my old age, a homebody. I am a creature of habit, an introvert, a recluse.. deserving of the L shape on my forehead. I get a bit panicky in large crowds and consider myself socially AWWWWWKWARD as my daughter would say. I once traveled to Rome alone for 7 days and the thought of that now is about as desirable as a shot of tequila. #woof. No thank you. So my home is  very very important to me. I am here, within its walls, as much as I am any where else. I love to cook for people. I love to soak in a hot tub. I love to sit in my yard and stare at the flowers planted by someone 60 years ago. I love a blazing hot fire and rocking my babies. I love finding new ways to make our bed comfy for my hubby. I love this house. 

Our bungalow, a Lubbock home, was moved here/built in the 1950s and is a brick ranch style home with 3 bedrooms, 1.75 baths. I bought this home in 2010 from my mom and step-father who did some major renovations of their own but moved down the street to gut yet another old beauty. The biggest issue has always been the wall between the front living space and the den. In all of my time at the house (over 15 years combined), the space (about 200 square feet) was only used during Christmas. In my opinion it was a total waste of space as everyone congregates in the den where the fireplace is located near the kitchen. The house has amazing bones, an outdoor cooking space (complete with fireplace, pizza oven and bar), landscaped yard and lots of natural light. Most importantly, it has been a place of protection and retreat, a place of new beginnings and a place we hope to call home for many years to come. 


"Parlor" or sitting room (wood floors) separate from den (carpet) with large rock fireplace

Medium kitchen (laminate)

Oversized laundry room (laminate)

Large bathroom with tub/shower combo (laminate/original salmon tile)

Tiny 3/4 bath with shower, sink, potty (tile)

8 ft. ceilings

Mostly original wiring, plumbing, heating/ac venting, insulation, cabinets, tile, flooring, etc.

 As I look back through these pics I almost miss the ugly ole dirty thang. As you can imagine, once we opened it up, there was SO much under the surface we did not expect. Those pics to come soon....