The Durings

Man oh man, I look back at these pics and I can barely believe how far we have come or how bat crazy we were. I can be a bit of a sugar coater but for the sake of this blog and all things honest, I will tell the truth: some of the hardest days of my life. I don't want to be a big ole brat complainer but have I mentioned I am a creature of habit? A homebody? Living with Poppy and B for these several weeks was hard on everyone. HAP didn't sleep one solid night. He got sick which got everyone else sick. The hubs and I were under total stress and our best guy, Marcelo? Bless his ever loving heart. Who gripes about a remodel, no? I am just trying to drive the point home that we hadn't a clue what we were getting ourselves into. DO NOT get me wrong. I am so thankful for this remodel, I can't even tell you....But the destruction, the living out of our element, the cost, the never ending list of new things that needed to be done just about sent me off a cliff.

"You peel an onion, there's lots of layers."-Doc Hollywood.

Demo day was totally awesome. It took the guys like five seconds to knock everything out and I was so shocked I was gleeful. I honestly believed we would be right on track for our three week timeframe and all back in our safe place in time for HAP's first birthday in February. I was mistaken. Every single thing in that house needed to be replaced. Wiring, plumbing, AC/Heater ducting and unit, insualtion, etc., etc., etc. We also decided to raise the ceilings while we were at it, another timely decision that I would not trade. There was just SO much in need of updating underneath those walls. Things that if we didn't address, we would regret, and most likely have to deal with in less than 5 years time. So we said yes and moved forward and kept thinking normalcy was around the corner. We were mistaken. I am by nature an incredibly naive person and I truly had no concept of what this rehab was going to take to finish. The time, the money, the stress on my parents and us, the trips to Home Depot and the lack of sleep.

So as you contemplate your own remodel please remember this:

1)YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR REMODEL WILL TAKE until it is too late to go back to where you were. Once those walls are knocked out, that's it. You best put your head down and move forward because commencement has begun and there ain't no turning back.

2) No matter how much you plan (this remodel has been in the works for years and a solid year of planning for it before we laid a hammer in the walls) the rule of TIMES TRES totally applies. Three times the cost, three times the amount of days spent and three times the headache of your initial expectations.

3) You are not Chip and Joanna Gaines. Regardless of how smart you are or money savvy you are or creative you are, your remodel is not an hour long episode of Fixer Upper. Gutting a home is HARD. Gutting a home means starting over from scratch and there is no rad camera crew to make you look super hot with your long braid and Waco t-shirt.

4) All of the above could have been 1,000 times harder if we had worked with a different crew. Our guy had NO other major projects going. He was there with his guys over 12 hours a day most days and what he accomplished in 6 mos. could have taken 6 years. I have heard nightmare stories about no shows and crap work and a million other things. We were 1,000 times blessed with our guy and his talent and impeccable work is beyond what I can type here.


Dear Home Depot,

Your carts with steering wheels are DA BOMB. My little contractor stayed happy in the cart for at least 5 minutes longer because of those bodacious steering wheels. However, your facilities should include a play yard or better yet, a daycare. There are daycares at the gym. Why not at your house, Home Depot? When mommies are driving 180 miles roundtrip to shop at your store on a daily basis with a non-sleeping one year old, there should be a) a daycare and b)fine adult beverages in every one of those fridgerators. You could even offer a laundromat, just sayin.

Love you Home Depot. Your return policy is OH.MY.STARS.GREAT.

Soooooooooooooooooo after all that whining and poor pitiful me story, would I do it again? You bet your ask.


Stay tuned for THE AFTERS! Watch out HGTV we did some super cute and awesome stuff!