Walking on Sunshine

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You guys! Best durn learning to walk shoes ever. 

I wanted to make sure these deer skin moccasins were functional before I posted this and they have exceeded my expectations. Honey came when the boy first started taking some steps and he was always barefoot. UNACCEPTABLE. She drove straight home and stiched up a little pair of mocs for him. I heart Indian Gradmothers. 


Comfort-Most important of all, they are comfortable. He was having a hard time walking in everything we bought because the shoes were just too clunky. He was falling often and it seemed other shoes were too heavy. Also, he has very fat (picture a loaf of bread) feet. I bought him some cute little boat shoes for Easter and we had to stuff his fat feet in there like sausage in its casing. The mocs give his foot room to move around and also tie at the top so he cant take them off. Every other pair we have owned he could take off and we were constantly looking for a shoe. 

Durability-Even though they might look a bit delicate, they are not. Deer skin is very durable and we have had no issues with holes or tearing. He wears them everywhere and we have had no trouble with anything piercing the deer skin or rocks hurting his loaf. 

Flexibility-Obviously, deer skin is a soft material and bends and flexes in the shape of his foot. He seems to be able to walk (now run) with ease and does not fall down nearly as often. These shoes really give his foot the chance to ẃalk freely. 

Maintenance-The moccasins can be wiped off or even washed if needed. 


Price-There are some cheap shoes out there. You can spend $10 on shoes if you want and the moccassins run $45 per pair without bead work (I recommend for learners). Although they arent cheap they will last much longer and you will get more for your money. I am not one to spend a ton on clothing and shoes at this age since they grow so fast but the moccasins give you that room to grow without the shoe being oversized. 

As a momma of a rough and tumble boy, I highly recommend these moccasins and I am so grateful my grandmother made sure my babe has a pair!! If you are interested in some moccasins for your toddler, come see me at YBB.