Welcome to the Blogggggggg!

The blog. I am sort of bored with the blog. A wee bit over it. Who reads this stuff anyway? Who cares, I wonder, about my boring little life? I mean isn’t it a little arrogant to think everyone is interested in what I am up to? I used to blog often, daily in fact, and write all of my whimsical thoughts for the whole world to see with the honest opinion that my words were vastly important…..to someone. And then I grew up. Got a life and realized no one really cares. So when building the web site I was very close to deleting the blog feature and then I thought I will have guest bloggers. Some people do have very interesting lives and some people really have a gift for sharing their stories. And then I started blogging about products in the shop and in usual form, my little fingers couldn’t stay off the keyboard. So here I am blogging, arrogantly, all over again.

The truth is it is my dang web site and if I want to get personal (because what is life if it isn’t personal?), then I will. I have a story to tell and if I knock out a few holes in the wall and REALLY tell it, I might MIGHT cause someone to identify, to understand, to empathize, to say MAN.I.GET.IT.

This little blog here at YBB is going to be a combination of things. Products we sell, people we meet, things we love, things we dislove, guest bloggers, befores and afters, design ideas, cute pics of my cute kids, sweet pics of my sweet hubs and most importantly: LIFE. Even better? I have no way to check it 86 times and see if someone ‘likes or loves or eye rolls or burns in their belly’ because of this blog. I’m writing what I want which will inevitably be the truth. If you can do anything poetic and right in this life, it is tell the truth. Your truth all raw and messy and jacked up might just set someone else free. So I hope the 5 of you that keep reading realize that we are all just humans, living in the trenches together, trying to figure it out every day and do the best we can. Winning, failing, trying, crying, spitting, clenching and DOING THE BEST WE CAN. I have lived a thousand lives of mistakes. I have messed up more than anyone on this planet (ok, not more than that what’s his name Manson guy) and today I am just trying to not make those same mistakes again. I am trying to live it right and be a normal nice ole gal. So if you are like me and love it, LOVE this life but sometimes want to punch this life in the face, read away and along the ride you might just find a way to rehab an old antique mirror.